An enhancement detail offers several benefits to any car. The appearance of the car is enhanced without having to remedy with paint. An enhancement detail is the perfect option for a recently purchased pre owned car, rejuvenate an already prized possession or to have an advantage over other sellers when the time comes to sell.

An enhancement detail is carried out using a defined list of procedures, it can be tailor made as detailing is subjective to each individual’s liking. We will focus on the areas that you would like to see an improvement on.

To begin with, a meticulous wash of the car’s surface is carried out to purify and decontaminate the paintwork and wheels.

Once the car has been washed, the polishing phase can begin. Machine polishers, combined with several polishing compounds are used to remove or greatly improve scratches and swirl marks. The result, a significantly rejuvenated car, that looks radiant and shine brought back. Considerably difference will be seen on darker coloured cars, as prior to the enhancement detail, the colour may have started to look dull & reflections flat.

Next, its time to seal and protect the paintwork. Several premium products will be used in this process, the choice is yours. The benefits of having a protective layer are several, in particular if maintained properly, it will prevent light scratches & swirl marks on the surface, but also make the car a lot easier to clean throughout the year. A premium wax will be applied to finish off the detail.

The interior will receive a complimentary vacuum, dusting & dressing, however if more attention is needed in the interior, engine bay, alloy wheels, we have several options available and are happy to discuss these options.

An enhancement detail requires a minimum of a 1 day booking for small – mid size vehicles, a larger vehicle could take between 2-3 days.

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